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The Pro Rugby Academy

Developmental Path

Designed and founded by former professional rugby player Eoghan Grace, Pro Rugby aims to provide aspiring rugby players with the opportunities to develop and reach their full potential as players and athletes. With innovative and intelligent training methods Pro Rugby gives young players a chance to access high quality coaching.


Our training focuses on developing functional all rounded athletes with specific attributes in relation to each player's position.


Rugby is way more than just size, we look at the bigger picture and provide intelligent training solutions.


Incorporating rugby and position-specific skills within all the training we do. Everything revolves around rugby and how we can take you to the next level.

Training Programmes

Giving players solutions to make the most of this period of uncertainty, we have developed training programmes specifically for rugby players. Our sessions combine strength training, mobility, speed and agility training and also rugby specific movements and skills. Equally doable from home our coaches are able to design sessions regardless of the lack of equipment you may have. 

Pre-Season Programme

Get ready for the upcoming season with our Pre-Season Training Programme. Suited for all rugby players this programme doesn’t focus on specifically on any position specific aspects but will take your strength training and fitness to a new level.

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