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The Pro Rugby Academy has been conceived to give players all the tools to take their game and their personal development to the next level. Incorporating all aspects of rugby training, players in the Academy get access to the full package, from strength training to nutritional advice and personal mentoring. We take the development of each Academy player to heart, that’s why each player has his own programme suited to his age, strengths, weaknesses and needs.

What's included?

S&C Programming

Once you’ve signed up and given us all the info we need, we get to work and create your Strength and Conditioning programme tailored to your age, position, schedule, access to equipment and needs.

Personalised Plan

Each of our programmes is suited to every player’s schedule, whether you’re playing at school, university or in a club everything we do is geared to take your performances to the next level.

Skill sessions

As well as the S&C programming we include position-specific skill sessions to allow you to develop your passing, kicking, throwing, stepping or even running technique.

Ongoing Testing

Throughout the programme we incorporate testing allowing us and you to measure your progression, strengths and areas of weakness. 

nutrition guidance

We’ve teamed up with renown nutritionist Ben Coomber and Awesome Supplements and will provide you with an individualised nutrition guide as well as any resources to help you learn about nutrition.


Mobility is one of the most overlooked aspects of training for rugby however it is crucial in injury prevention and key in development strong movement patterns.


Each month we check in with you to see how things are progressing and give you any advice or support you need, whether it be in-season or during the off-season.

Access to APP

All our programming is scheduled for you through our TrueCoach app. All you have to do is open it up, follow your programme and give us feedback on your progress.

24/7 Support

Contact us whenever you need us, whether you’re struggling with an exercise or have a question about the programme just drop us a message and we’ll be answer ASAP.

Join Now

£ 34
Per Month
  • Personalised Online Training Programme
  • Access to Pro Rugby/True Coach app
  • Access to Pro Rugby Academy Players Facebook Group
  • Position Specific Skill Development
  • Nutrition Advice & Resources
  • Monthly Mentor Video Meetings
  • Discount on all Pro Rugby Camps
  • 24/7 Support

Join the Academy now

Additional Benefits

Access To FB Group

The Pro Rugby Academy is also a community of players, the Pro Rugby Academy Facebook Group allows you to access further resources and discuss, questions and challenges other players.

Discount on Camps

Another perk of being in the Pro Rugby Academy is that it also gets you a 10% discount on all our Pro Rugby Camps. 

AWesome Supplements

As part of the Academy you also get a discount on Awesome Supplements nutrition products.

What Players say about the Academy


Yes you can, payments are taking on a monthly basis via direct debit but you can cancel at any time. Just give us notice and we will stop your payments. You will still have access to the Academy until the end of the period your last payment covers.

Anyone can join the Academy at any time, just sign up via our website or get in touch with us

No. You can join whenever, we will tailor your programme to suit your situation. We may put you through an introduction phase before you start on our full training programmes though.

Not necessarily, having access to a gym is beneficial in order to complete all the exercises but we can provide sessions suited to be performed with no or very little equipment.

Simply sign up and set up your payment methods. We will then contact you to discuss what you need, then, we will develop your training programme, set up your access to our app and get you started.

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