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Return2Rugby Online Programme

About The Programme

Looking to getting fit again for rugby after all these months off?

You’re not the only one… Our Return2Rugby 30 Day Online Programme has been developed to get you back into fitness for the return of rugby. Combining strength training with cardio, speed and mobility sessions the aim is to make every user reach new heights before rugby returns. Move better, sprint faster, get stronger.


Included in this programme:

-Intense weekly programme suited to your schedule

-Strength Sessions

-Mobility Sessions

-Videos of Exercises & Workouts

-Ongoing Support




Questions and Answers

Do you offer support?

Yes, of course! After your purchase, you will find active support via email and through our online coaching platform. We are also active on social media and we’re happy to take support through platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Any support request will usually be answered within 24 hours.

How old should I be to use your programmes?

Most of our users are between the ages of 14-21. Age doesn’t really matter, only your desire to get better does! Our programmes and exercises apply to beginners all the way up to professionals. If you’re not too sure get in contact with us, we’ll happily answer any questions.

Who created the programmes?

The programmes are developed by professional coach and former professional player Eoghan Grace in conjunction with the rest of the Pro Rugby team. All our training is rugby-specific focusing towards on-field performance and making every user a better rugby player.

How does it work once I've purchased the programme?

Once you’ve ordered your programme we’ll direct you to our consent and information forms so we know everything we need to about you. Then once we have your details we’ll send you access to our online coaching platform and get you started on your new training programme.

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