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To allow players, groups of players and teams to benefit from face to face coaching on specific rugby training aspects we also offer our rugby coaching solutions.

Depending on what you or your team are looking to work on we’ll adapt the content of session, where we hold it (gym based or pitch-side) and the duration of it. This can range from postural and form training in the gym to working on a specific rugby skill on the pitch. 

Rugby Coaching For

1 to 1 Coaching

One to ones are perfect to focus on specific elements of a single players development. Whether it is a skill, tactical or S&C we can take the time, break it down, reflect, reconstruct and test under pressure to effectively progress.

Small Group Coaching

Throughout the season and the off-season we run small group rugby coaching sessions of up to 10 players. These clinics each have a specific topics allowing players to target different areas of their game.

Team Coaching & Consultancy

Working with teams and clubs we provide specific interventions to help coaches target certain areas of their teams' game or even of their squads fitness. These sessions are flexible to what each team requests.

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