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1 to 1 coaching

One to one coaching sessions are perfect to focus on a specific element of a player’s development. Whether it is a skill element, a tactical aspect or S&C related we can take the time, break it down, reflect, reconstruct and test under pressure to efficiently progress.

What we help players with

Drawing on our experience from the game and leaning on experts in each domain we are able to coach all aspects of the game from passing technique to jackling or speed training. 


Nail your passing technique through simple training exercises and games. 


Getting your head, feet, shoulders and arms in the right place at the right time is always the key to successful tackling. With different exercises and progressions we look into the detail of tackling to help you get to the next level in defence.


A player’s speed is often one of his greatest features. We look into your running technique and footwork to get you running faster than ever.


Agility and the ability to change direction rapidly is (very cool) a great way to beat defenders and be a threat ball in-hand. It’s also something players can work on. We’ll look into your agility and develop your coordination to the next level.


Throwing is a specific skill for hookers yet still a crucial one for all teams, it’s what makes lineouts tick. With simple exercises, tips and cues we help players grow more confident in their throwing. Let’s see some darts!


Jumping is also a specific skill for lineout jumpers but is also key for successful second rows and back rowers. Learning how to jump properly won’t just help your teammates lift you but will also make it safer.


Improve your technique and speed over the ball. We’ll break down the skill whilst also look at the strategy behind it.


Clearing rucks out has more to it than at first sight. What angle to go in, what height and which technique works best in which situation? We look into all of those questions with you.


Breaking down the techniques behind different kicks and the strategy behind kicking as a tool to dominate your opposition.


Want to improve your strength? Let’s hit the gym and take a look at what makes a rugby player effective on the pitch. Working to develop functional strength we help players become better rugby players not strongmen!


Whether it be high balls, kick-offs or even grubbers catching balls under pressure is hard to master. We’ll recreate game-like situations to help you improve your skills.


Getting injured too often? Feeling too stiff to get in certain positions? Let’s have a look at your mobility and try some simple exercises to develop you mobility.

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